We are currently working on something extremely awesome.

Halotek Biomaterials - inspired by nature, engineered by humans - is using the wonder world of nature's microcosm of extremely halophilic microorganism.

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Halotek Biomaterials

About Us.

Halotek is a young company with ecological, sustainable and interdisciplinary work philosophy. We are a team of scientists and biotech engineers with great competences in process technology, molecular and microbiology.

Our Advantage.

Halotek is mastering state-of-the art extremely halophilic biotechnology with developed proprietary up and downstream process technologies to carry out high scale production of extremely halophilic biomass and the utilization of its specific valuable biomolecules.

Our Approach.

Halotek has a strong focus on environmental and customer benefits with an ecological and natural-based production of valuable biomaterials. We are combining powerful and sustainable growth with healthy profitability.

Our Mission.

Halotek is using nature's wonder world of microcosm of extremely halophilic microoganism. We are converting the extraordinary features of extremophiles to new highly innovative and effective products in harmony with nature.

Our Applications.

Halotek's products are suitable for different kinds of applications including bioactive cosmetic ingredients, bioemulsifier, antioxidative coloring of food, liposomal packaging and bio-based growth enhancer in agriculture.


Halotek UG
An der Tabaksmühle 48
04277 Leipzig, Germany

Phone Number

Phone: (0049) 163 47 41 531



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