Leipzig, October 2018

 We are pleased to announce a new partnership with CALDIC Italia S.R.L. for distribution of Halotek’s product portfolio for Personal Care in Italy.


Caldic Italia srl is a distributor/manufacturer belonging to the mother company Caldic BV from Rotterdam own 100% from Van Caldenborg family.
The Italian subsidiary is working for almost 20 years in the chemical raw materials business, it has 43 employees with a turnover of over 40 million of euro, where 35% is due to the manufacture of semifinished products for food field; the remaining part in the distribution of chemical raw materials. Personal care is the most important division with a turnover of 6 million of euro on last 2014 also thanks to the acquisition of reliable and leading producers of ingredients for cosmetic industry.

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Marcello Baggi, Sales Manager Italy