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Bioactives for personal care solutions derived from nature are one of today’s megatrends. Isolation of bioactive extracts and compounds from natural sources without leaving an ecological footprint is almost impossible. Biotechnology provides a sustainable alternative to produce bioactive extracts or compounds along with highest product quality. HALOCARE is a new biotechnological extract from Haloarchaea comprising a defined natural composition of sulfated proteoglycans, lipids and squalene. This unique natural composition of three types of natural biomolecules (TRINITY FACTOR) can only be produced in Haloarchaea cultures under extreme conditions. 

Claim Ideas for HALOCARE

  • Maintains skin elasticity by protecting the structure relevant protein Elastin
  • Protects skin lipids from oxidative damage by natural antioxidants
  • Natural proteoglycans counteract ageing-dependent loss of Glycosaminoglycans of skin
Cosmetic Applications

  • Advanced age-defense cosmetics
  • Rejuvenating and repair cosmetics
  • Day-care pcosmetics
  • Anti-pollution cosmetics
  • Sun- and after sun cosmetics
  • Regenerative face-masks
Marketing Benefits

  • Natural Bioactive derived from “Microbe of the year 2017” (Halobacterium salinarum)
  • Sustainable production due to biotechnology
  • New marine biotech bioactive
  • TRINITY FACTOR (3 in 1: Protection – Anti Ageing – Soothing)


Trinity Factor  – Three modes of action


  • HALOCARE act regenerative by rebalancing sulfated Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) in the connective tissue preventing typical signs of mature and stressed skin
  • HALOCARE counteract inflammatory processes of by inhibiting proinflammatory protease-enzymes
  • HALOCARE improves skin elasticity resulting in smoother out lines and reduced wrinkles
Tested Efficacy


  • Sulfated Proteoglycans derived from Haloarchaea penetrate to larger extent into the skin than corresponding hyaluronic acid
  • HALOCARE stimulates fibroblast growth comparable to purified Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)
  • Metallo- Protease inhibtion in-vitro
  • HALOCARE effective protects fibroblasts against UVB radiation
  • Antioxidative protection through sulfated polysaccharides and the natural lipid protector squalene


  • Halobacterium Ferment Lysate Extract (and)
  • Aqua (water)


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