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Biomass of Halobacterium salinarum

 HALOTEK economically produces biomass in Haloreactors specifically designed for mass cultivation of Haloarchaea in high-salt media. The production process is scalable and can be dimensioned according to customer-specific applications.

HALO-RED serves as a feedstock for application in nutrition of animals and for isolation as well as refining of valuable compounds, e.g. Bacterioruberin (Halorubin), Bacteriorhodopsin or Lipids. Lipids of Halorachaea are able to induce immuno response to provide protective immunity.





  • Sustainable and cost effective cultivation of Halobacterium salinarum
  • Saison-independent production 
  • Full controlled fermentation process in specifically engineered reactors (scalable process)
  • No batch variation by using stable cell lines
  • Non-GMO production
  • 100% natural biomass

Product Type Available

    • Spray-dried biomass (powder)
    • Lyophilized powder with minerals


Material status

  • Functional feed: commercial


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